Register a .xyz domain name

Are you trying to register a .com domain for your new project, but that is already registered? Don’t despair, you can register a domain name with one of the new domain extensions! Show everyone how creative you are. Google did that when registered for its umbrella corporation named “Alphabet”. The domain name was already registered by BMW, which provides its fleet services via this domain, but they had no intention of selling that domain name.

Register a .xyz domain name

When you choose a name for your company, you should make sure that the matching domain name is still available, and also that you do not violate any copyright with that name, because trademark infringement may cost you a lot of money.

Fortunately, many alternatives are now available. And they can be very interesting, provided you are creative enough.

Google came up with a very creative solution when they registered to let users know that you provide a lot of services. This smart move demonstrates the power of the new domains. New domain extensions in the spotlight.

The registration of the domain name by Google is “the ultimate validation” for the new domain extensions.

.XYZ is the most popular new extension

Until recently, about 3,000 new domains with the .xyz domain extension were registered on a daily basis. But since the announcement of Alphabet’s formation was made, that number suddenly increased to 10,000! With over 1.15 million registered domain names (16.64% of all the domain names with a new extension), .xyz now ranks first in the list of the top 10 new gTLDs.

Register your .xyz domain name now for only €10!

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