Register a New Domain Name
Domain names are unique names used to identify websites and e-mails. Computers associate them with specific locations on a server, so that when you type the name into the address bar of a web browser, it should take you to the correct website.

Domain Registration

Each domain name operates within a highly structured system called the Domain Name System (DNS) and is subject to rules to ensure each one is unique.

Domain names are one of the key building blocks of the internet – the essential component for every e-mail address and website. Millions of businesses and consumers now depend on Internet services, which underpin a critical part of the Internet economy.

Dublin Web Design makes Domain Registration fast, simple and affordable.

We can register .ie,, .eu, .com, .net, .biz, .org and most international domain names. Here are some tips on what domain name to register.
** For new .IE domain registrations, please read through the IEDR requirements before ordering.

What Domain Name Should I Register?
Choosing the right domain name now can have a dramatic effect on your online presence and help improve your search engine results. If you intent on primarily targeting the Irish market, be sure to register a .ie domain name.

Make it Relevant
Most people tend to choose a domain name that reflects their business name or website name, for example if your business is called Laptop Repair you would want to register

Long or short?
This is a common issue with new registrations as it can effect different aspects of your business. For example, whatever domain you end up registering, is also going to be printed on your headed paper, business cards, receipt books etc., so take that into consideration.

Make it Legal
Make sure your domain does not infringe on another company brand or copyright.

Protect your Brand
Make sure you secure all domain extenstions that are relevant to your brand or company or else someone else might.

Why Use Our Domain Name Registration Services?

  • We deliver high-quality operational support for domain name holders and businesses or individuals that process domain name applications including our domain name look up service, WHOIS, and other online tools.
  • Our advanced technical resources and expertise help us provide robust safeguards to protect the domains registered with us.
  • We provide advice on how to get the most out of the internet and stay safe online.
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Dublin Web Design makes Domain Registration fast, simple and affordable.