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10 Steps To Build Your First Website

Whether you are starting a blog, want to sell your widgets, or just need an informational site, there’s never been a better time than now to set up shop on the World Wide Web. This article will cover 10 steps to get your website project up and running, whether you are doing it yourself, or […]

5 Tips for Choosing a Great Domain Name

As you put the final touches on your website, you may want to consider getting your own domain (aka .com or web address). With a Dublin Web Design Pro Plan, you’ll have the option to register a domain for a year at no additional charge. A custom domain adds a professional touch to your online […]

Register a .xyz domain name

Are you trying to register a .com domain for your new project, but that is already registered? Don’t despair, you can register a domain name with one of the new domain extensions! Show everyone how creative you are. Google did that when registered for its umbrella corporation named “Alphabet”. The domain name was […]