As you put the final touches on your website, you may want to consider getting your own domain (aka .com or web address). With a Dublin Web Design Pro Plan, you’ll have the option to register a domain for a year at no additional charge.
5 Tips for Choosing a Great Domain Name
A custom domain adds a professional touch to your online presence, improves your site’s brand and make it easier for visitors to find and remember you.

Check out these tips designed to help you find a great domain name for your site!

5 Tips for Choosing a Great Domain Name

1. Keep it Short
Remember that many visitors will arrive at your website by typing your address directly into their browser bar. Aim for 20 characters or less to maximize your type-in traffic.
2. Be Simple and Obvious
Make sure your domain is easy to remember and spell. If possible, it’s best to err on the side of being straightforward.
3. Avoid Numerals, Underscores and Hyphens If You Can
Adding numbers and non-alphabet characters to your domain name can cause confusion likely to result in lost traffic to your site.
4. Consider Keywords and Cleverness
If your top domain choice is not available, consider adding a descriptive keyword as a starting point to brainstorm alternative ideas.
5. Register Your Domain for Multiple Years
If your budget permits, registering your domain for multiple years can help your site rank higher with search engines like Google and secure the investment in your website brand.